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Nancy T Bazin

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Professor of Literature and Women's Studies

This website reflects the two different careers I have had. In the year 2000, I switched my focus from teaching and writing about literature and women’s studies to creating fine art.

From 1970 until 2000, I was a university professor of twentieth-century literature and women’s studies. I taught for seven years at Rutgers University, for one year at the University of Pittsburgh, and, finally, for twenty-one and a half years at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

My published articles on literature and women’s studies and a women’s studies speech are available for reading or downloading from this website.

The 2020 transcript of a four-hour interview with me created for the Rutgers Oral History Archives is linked below my photo here. Also linked is a transcript and video of a 2020 interview for the Veteran Feminists of America Pioneer Histories Project.

I am now a professional artist. In the Art Gallery of this website, you will see photographs of my paintings and drawings. My most recent paintings are arranged by genre; most of the older ones are arranged by topic. Although I continued to do a variety of paintings, my primary love from 2012 through 2017 was creating 40”x32” paintings in my Whimsical Bird Series. In 2018 I began my Birdland Series (each painting 30”x30”). My current goal is to find homes for most of my individual works and a future home for the twenty-four Whimsical Birds and the four or more Birdland paintings that are currently Not for Sale.